Photo License Rate Card

The below print advertising rates are for specific one-time use in United States national surf publications. A photo can be used up to 2 times in the same publication. Use in multiple publications, issues or mediums (print, web, new media, etc.) requires separate payment.

All non-surf publications and media outlets must contact Rowland Photography for a quote.

Fees are for specific one-time use and separation of photograph.

Rowland Photography ASSUMES NO RESPONSIBILITY for photos used without model releases. It is the responsibility of the advertiser to obtain model releases for commercial use of any identifiable persons.

All uses of images MUST BE REPORTED with purchase order.

Unauthorized use will result in prosecution, legal fees and damages including, but not limited to, a 3X (three times) increase in base fee plus addition of fee for time and expense of prosecution.

Photos must not be forwarded to third parties, you are responsible for all photos until they have been returned or deleted.


Land Shot
Water Shot
2X Spread: $1450 $1900
2/3 Spread: $1100 $1300
Full Page: $950 $1200
3/4 Page: $700 $925
1/2 Page: $650 $850
1/4 Page: $350 $500
1/8 Page or smaller: $250 $400
* All dollar amounts are US.

Outright Usage:

One year unlimited global, multi-media advertisement usage from $5,000. This rate is for surf industry and excludes non-surf industry print advertising. Rates vary depending on the publication/circulation. Transferring of rights to third parties is strictly prohibited. This does not include commercial uses of the image other than in media advertisement form.


Images to be used one time on a web site for the duration of one year from upload date.
Major Image Home Page $500
Medium Use Image $400
Minor Use Image $300

Sequence Fee:

Photo sequences subject to rate + 30% increase.

Search Fee:

Photo requests for non-standard or archived images will require a $250 search fee in addition to licensing fee.

International and Local Trade Rates:

Rates for international usage (other than in the European Union) and local surf or trade magazines generally are 50% of those listed herein. Rowland Photo for exact rates.

Hang Tags and Packaging Materials:

Print run up to 15,000: $625
Please call for quote if print run exceeds 15k.


Land $1400
Water $1800
Insets (seq. 1-4) $500
Insets (seq. 5-10) $320


For screen run up to 5,000 pieces: $775. Please call to negotiate if piece count exceeds 5,000.

Display Prints:

Commercial use includes tradeshow prints, in-store pops, restaurants, ect. Personal use means you're making a print for your home, office or other non-commercial setting. Actual price depends on number and time of use.

Commercial Use

Land Shot
Water Shot
11x14 inches: $185 $240
16x20 inches: $240 $290
20x24 inches: $290 $345
20x30 inches: $345 $395
30x50 inches: $395 $450
40x60 inches: $450 $500
50x70 inches: $500 $555
* All dollar amounts are US.

Personal Use

Land Shot
Water Shot
11x14 inches: $135 $160
16x20 inches: $185 $210
20x24 inches: $240 $265
20x30 inches: $290 $315
30x50 inches: $345 $370
40x60 inches: $395 $420
50x70 inches: $450 $450
* All dollar amounts are US.

Note: the above prices DO NOT INCLUDE the cost of the actual print itself, framing or shipping. Prices may vary depending on the photographer and the nature of the photograph. Quotes available for larger prints.

Brochures and Other Misc. Items

Cover / Main $750
Spread $525
Full Page $420
1/2 Page $325
1/4 Page or smaller or smaller $180

Please contact for day rate information and quotes.